For over four decades United Aerospace Corporation (UAC) maintains and pursues alliances with those manufacturers of quality aviation products and services that desire a strengthened presence in North America, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal.

Stocking distribution

Aftermarket parts sales

MRO sales and marketing representation

Inventory management

Sales to airframe manufacturers

Specialized logistic services.

Sales offices, staffed by company employees, are maintained in Miramar, Florida, USA; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Bogotá, Colombia; and Madrid, Spain.


This coverage allows the company to develop sound business relationships at the uppermost levels within the airlines' engineering, maintenance, technical procurement and marketing disciplines, which are paramount to influence vendor selection. These field personnel, all former airline employees, provide focused attention and vigil with an understanding of local country culture and corporate management philosophy; this coupled with professional contacts provides the manufacturer with the advantage of communicating with the customers in their preferred language and locale.


As related to distribution and repair services, UAC's focus is to carry the manufacturers' or repair services companies' "banner" and promote their mission statements. This is accomplished by establishing close and permanent relationships with every airline, based on trust and mutual cooperation. This ultimately provides clear insight into each individual airline to better interpret its unique internal operations, specifications, politics and scope. These associations and relationships have resulted in an unrivaled market advantage and a leading industry reputation for United Aerospace.


Representatives of the manufacturers and third party service providers are supplied with marketing and technical information. Headquarters personnel as well as Regional Managers facilitate direct interface with airline personnel and provide first hand operational and maintenance intelligence, data acquisition, program planning and account maintenance.


Our team offers fast, dependable and unrivaled AOG Support from Miami.

As a result of the partnership developed with the OEM or repair company, each comes to depend upon UAC for detailed customer information, market expertise and revenue growth.


The company also endeavors to qualify manufacturers' products with airframe manufacturers; influences airline decisions to specify its manufacturers' products on new aircraft orders, and markets retrofit programs to replace competitor equipment installed on service airplanes.


In addition, UAC has inventory on consignment from a number of airlines, which it markets to customers’ worldwide.


United Aerospace Corporation also provides highly specialized logistic services to international airlines and foreign-based aircraft maintenance centers. This service assures the timely delivery of required parts conforming to their purchase or repair order, and accompanied by necessary documentation meeting the buyer’s country import customs regulations, company quality assurance standards and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and those of other authorities within the aviation industry.


For the airline customer United Aerospace regularly provides recognizable value added services, which saves them valuable lead-time and enhances their bottom line. Of utmost importance is first class customer service, which is tailored to the needs of each individual customer. Customers are provided with lines of credit and payment terms. Existing customer credit lines currently exceed ten million dollars. The firm maintains an extensive on-hand inventory of licensed and certified inventory immediately available for dispatch to customers.


United Aerospace Corporation (UAC) was founded in 1972 as a firm engaged in the export sales of commercial aviation related equipment. Initial market focus was directed at airlines in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries located in Latin America and Europe. The company acted primarily as a broker of inventory and repair services for international airline clients in these two regions of the world and also pursued the development of purchasing agent relationships.


These ties allowed the company to develop a strong foothold with the airlines and also enabled UAC to become recognized by the OEM manufacturers and suppliers of commercial aviation products and repair services.


As tangible business relationships were established, UAC also began to negotiate consignment agreements with its airline customers wherein United Aerospace became an exclusive marketing agent, appointed to sell surplus inventory spares.


The original founders recognized that the airline industry would endure significant change and therefore embarked on a program in the late 1970's to transform the company from a broker of parts and services to a distributor/representative of OEM products and services to the airline community. After a thorough analysis, UAC's management decided to align the company with OEM manufacturers of industry recognized, high quality products, in lines related to wheels and brakes, aircraft interior, turbine power-transmission generation and control and airborne auxiliary power.


Over the years, United Aerospace has built a strong reputation in sales and marketing in the US, Latin America, the Caribbean and Western Europe, its most important markets.


Today, UAC strives to develop, utilize and provide superior marketing expertise, to garner valuable customer intelligence, and is committed to supplying highly reliable, value-added products and services to airlines globally.


The backbone of every great company is a great team.  United Aerospace Corporation is composed of qualified personnel including engineers and skilled staff members with decades of industry experience, with experts in repair and aftermarket programs, and support staff that is fluent in various languages including Spanish, English and Portuguese. UAC’s first class customer support, which is offered throughout the multiple offices located in the United States, Latin America and Europe, was a determining factor for the company to gain global recognition. As a result, today United Aerospace and its team members have a solid presence and worldwide recognition as respected and reliable leaders.


With an unmatched commitment to provide exceptional service, superior quality products, competitive pricing and on time order fulfillment, UAC’s team has continued to earn client trust and total customer satisfaction consistently for over forty years!


It is a great satisfaction to mention that some of the company’s staff members have been part of UAC for 20 and 30 years, and now younger generations are joining forces to take the company to the next level in growth, expansion and diversification. In addition, company and client loyalty at UAC are at the cornerstone of the daily operations, and developing long lasting relationships with each client is a commitment shared by every UAC member.


From top executives, management, through sales specialists and customer service representatives, at United Aerospace each team member is devoted to provide attention to detail coupled with tailored solutions that address the specific needs and requirements of each client.  UAC’s team possesses industry-leading experience in multiple areas including aircraft handling and maintenance, and each member is trained and ready to assist and advise clients on the proper equipment needed for their specific application, and aircraft in any part of the globe.

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