At United Aerospace Corporation we are experts in the supply of aviation parts, spares, and equipment for airlines globally. With more than 40 years completely dedicated to the field, our team of professionals delivers unrivaled dedication and attention to detail, a systematic and efficient approach, dependable solutions, superior quality products, transparent and effective communication with our customers, fast order fulfillment and competitive pricing.


Our customers continue selecting us as their business partner as a result of our unmatched industry insight, product knowledge, marketing expertise, compliance, product planning and acquisition, inventory management and most importantly, for our standards in quality, first class customer support and commitment to excellence above all.  Other important reasons why our customers choose us as their preferred provider include:

AOG support in Miami

Strategic location

Extensive network of manufacturers & suppliers

Certified OEM products

In-house inventory available for immediate shipping

Product inspections

Fast order fulfillment

Quality assurance

Global presence

Custom’s documentation

First class customer support

FAA approved aircraft parts

Flexible payment terms

And other personalized services

We know how important it is for our clients to find trusted solutions and reliable products to keep their aircraft in optimal conditions.  Our company has earned a stellar reputation for consistently exceeding expectations, and for always having the right solutions for the right applications.  It is our goal to continue providing superior quality products, and supporting documentation to ensure that airlines can fly safely, and remain compliant with OEM requirements, and as dictated by the FAA.

Location: 9800 Premier Pkwy, Miramar, FL 33025

Phone: (954) 364-0085

Fax: (954) 364-0089


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