United Aerospace enters into exclusive long term distribution and/or representation agreements with manufacturers of aviation products that desire a strengthened presence with airlines in North America, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal. Under the terms of these formal agreements, United Aerospace is charged with the responsibility to market and sell the manufacturers' products and/or services to airlines in the region.


As a distributor, the company is required to carry support inventory to meet scheduled and changing requirements of its airline customers. United Aerospace works closely with its customers encouraging them to develop annual forecasts for their needs and then orders products from the manufacturer scheduled to arrive at its Miramar, FL facilities in time to allow the company to meet its airline customer requirements. Sufficient stock is routinely maintained on hand to meet changing demands. Direct sales of products by the company to airlines are for its own account and the firm provides credit lines to airlines in the territory.


As a manufacturer’s representative, United Aerospace is in the business of marketing manufacturer’s products as well as the repair and overhaul services of manufacturers and independent third party repair firms. The company's management and Regional Sales force, strategically located throughout the region, call upon the airlines and solicit work on behalf of the manufacturer or repair center.


Continuing product support is also provided by United Aerospace via inventory replenishment sales and regular visits to customers by the firm's Regional Sales Managers and its Miramar, FL based management team. This coverage allows the company to develop sound business and personal relationships within the airline's engineering, maintenance, technical procurement and marketing departments, which have resulted in building permanent relationships of trust and cooperation.


Airline customers in Latin America and Europe want to significantly reduce on hand inventory investment while improving parts inventory support. They require assistance in inventory planning, flexibility in re-scheduling of deliveries and want to take advantage of price savings attributable to annual orders.


United Aerospace has developed a superior reputation as a distributor and provider of value added service to the airlines operating in this region of the world. The firm has demonstrated an ability to obtain planning information from its customers, which enable UAC and its manufacturers to more effectively and efficiently plan production, order parts and make them available to the airlines as their needs dictate.


To meet the objectives of its customer base, UAC seeks to enter into new contractual relationships with manufacturers under which it will pro-actively market all of manufacturer's products throughout the region and take on total responsibility to provide inventory and product support via its distribution center conveniently located in Miramar, FL and with its personnel located in territory.


UAC and the manufacturer jointly determine an initial inventory to be purchased by United Aerospace and held in Miramar. UAC subsequently coordinates with the airlines to refine inventory levels to provide the support desired. United Aerospace works with the airlines to develop annual orders for the manufacturers' parts, which are placed directly with UAC. In turn the company is responsible for managing inventory levels to be maintained at the service center in support of all customers in the region. Annual purchase forecasts are developed and provided to the manufacturer enabling them to better and more efficiently manage their production cycles. UAC consolidates customer annual orders along with normal replenishment cycles to minimize order placement on the manufacturer. The manufacturer can consolidate shipments to United Aerospace on a monthly or bimonthly basis.

Advantages to the Manufacturers

  • Improved coverage, continuity, support and image with the region's airlines;
  • Recapture lost market share going to aftermarket suppliers;
  • Better-developed and strengthened position in the region;
  • Increased sales revenue;
  • Improved-planning information to better-forecast production and take advantage of efficiencies;
  • One customer placing orders to support all carriers in the region;
  • One company responsible to the manufacturer for the account receivables.

Advantages to the Airlines

  • Reduction in on hand inventory and associated carrying costs;
  • Annual Orders facilitate inventory cost reduction;
  • Scheduled and JIT deliveries support maintenance operations;
  • Single point of contact for product and inventory support;
  • AOG support available from Miramar;
  • Ability to obtain spares on open account with more flexible payment terms;
  • Communications can be made in Country language/Native tongue;
  • UAC local contact/Regional Sales Manager is resident in city/country.

Sales to Airframe Manufacturers’

United Aerospace is a supplier to airframe OEM’s in Brazil and has successfully qualified manufacturers’ products with Embraer. A multi-year term agreement is in place with Embraer for the supply of sandwich panels.


Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Corporation have been selected by Embraer to provide wheel, braking and antiskid systems for the ERJ 170 and 190 programs.


United Aerospace also influences airlines to specify its manufacturers’ products on new aircraft being built by Airbus and Boeing.


United Aerospace Corporation combines state-of-the-art technologies, a team of highly skilled members and an unwavering commitment to deliver quality products, reliable services and proven solutions to our clients consistently. As a result, world-renowned manufacturers in the aviation industry, and large commercial operators have made us their partner of choice for more than 40 years.  We are known for delivering cost-saving solutions, and for addressing our clients’ unique needs with the attention and urgency they deserve.


We are equipped with an extensive inventory of parts and equipment available for immediate shipping anywhere in the world, and with dedicated staff members who are trained to provide a reliable solution for each specific scenario, including supplying hard to find aircraft items. We are also experienced and strategically positioned to market and distribute aviation products through our centrically located offices in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.


In addition, our team strives to offer comprehensive and dynamic services to meet our clients’ constantly evolving needs, and to ensure they remain compliant with OEM requirements, as well as with all technical and legal documentation as dictated by the FAA, customs, and other entities within the aviation industry.

Among our world-class support we offer the following

Product, part and/or equipment inquiries


Cost-saving products and services

Repair and services

Order status

AOG support

Aftermarket programs

And other tailored solutions

Inventory management and control

We know it takes more than wings to fly…

Contact us with your specific requirements and needs. We know how to deliver the perfect solution for you!


Our clients including major airlines can enjoy flexible payment terms with our firm.


Since 1972 United Aerospace Corporation has been devoted to creating strategic alliances, partnerships and representations within the aviation industry. With offices in multiple parts of the world including the United States, Latin American, the Caribbean and Europe, and a team of experienced field personnel and strong sales force, our company is able to provide leading services to clients seeking sales, management and support of their inventory of spare parts, equipment and other aircraft supplies, including hard to find items, that they may have available as a result of excess or older inventory.


Our company acts as an appointed marketing agent dedicated to selling surplus inventory and within our services we offer the following

Inventory consignment

Timely deliveries

Direct sales and representation

Compliance with FAA

Marketing worldwide

Import custom regulations

Inventory management and control

Specialized logistics

Product warehousing

Other tailored solutions

The following product categories are within the inventory that we support

Wheels & brake systems

Ground equipment

Cabin interiors

Heat transfer products

Composite materials

Control, fluid, gas turbine fuel & hydraulic systems

Communication systems

Propeller systems

As a result of our first class customer service, industry insight, and years of experience, world renowned airlines and service repair stations globally have and continue to trust us as their preferred partner, and as a dependable firm that manages their surplus inventory in an effective and profitable manner.


Contact us and let our team members turn your surplus inventory into a source of revenue.

We are business partners that you can depend on!


United Aerospace Corporation provides highly specialized logistic services to international airlines and foreign based aircraft maintenance centers thus assuring the timely delivery of required parts conforming to their purchase or repair order, and accompanied by necessary documentation meeting the buyer’s country import customs regulations, company quality assurance standards and federal aviation requirements.


The company takes on total responsibility to track and monitor vendor conformance to requested delivery date, takes expedite action where required, receives and inspects incoming shipments and ships material to the customer in a manner that it can be quickly retrieved from customs and placed into inventory ready for use by the airline or airframe repair center.


Customers are also provided with an option to utilize UAC’s outsourcing resources to obtain needed material at a savings generally significantly below manufacturers catalog price. Repair orders can also be accommodated. The customer has the option to select and ship parts requiring overhaul or repair to their vendor of choice or they may utilize the services of UAC to control the entire process.


In certain cases, where an airline and the company have special agreements in place, UAC enables the airline customer to place purchase and repair orders directly with a manufacturer with special instructions to bill and ship to United Aerospace. Under these arrangements United Aerospace Corporation makes payment to the manufacturer and the airline is subsequently invoiced by UAC at time of shipment to the airline.


United Aerospace has sufficient storage capacity in its Miramar, Florida warehouse to offer airline customers the opportunity to store their line station inventory spares at UAC in support of airline flight operations out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale International Airports.


UAC also provides customers with routine and AOG expediting services as such occasion may arise.

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